Saturday, December 31, 2005

Let me wish you...

... a synchronistic 2006, my friends! And let's just drop a few links to help you on the path of meaningful coincidences and Universal Laws.
First, a couple of posts from a newly discovered blog you could find particularly pleasant, titled Water Dissolves Water. The author is Shokai, and he writes about synchronicity here and here.
Also, I found a thread that's becoming somehow interesting on the Tribe moblog site, just have a browsing along the messages and find the meaningful ones youself.
Last, a post on Inner Wisdom's blog, describing a typical synchronistic event.
That's it, by now. Let's move forward to the new Year... don't you just feel the vibrating energy that surrounds the end of this 12 months cycle and the start of the brand new one, pregnant with opportunities? May the Universe bless your thoughts and feelings and guide you all towards Enlightenment.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Synchronicity: new episodes

I know, this blog should be updated more often, or just regularly, but give me some more time, I'm in the middle of a project that needs to be closed in a couple of weeks.
In the meanwhile, a quick search in the blogsphere popped out three synchronicity facts in three (very) different blogs.
The first one is on Maverick Philosopher, where the author tells us about the coming back of an article published thirthee years before just in time for a synchronistic relation with a request he had just finished writing a new article by the same name.
The second episode is from U.F.O. Bits, and is about the synchronistic relation between a passing thought and a Web page found just thereafter, describing an incredibly similar concept.
The third synchronistic occurrence is from Investor's Diary, and tells about personal life episodes and movies coming out of the blue that have a clear relation to the author's situation.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Why I don't believe in 'pure chance'

Simply, I can't. I've seen how events in life can be 'programmed', and I've known the power that has effect on events themselves and circumstances, towards the reaching of defined goal. There are many facets of this knowledge, but you can start from simple truths, as you will see in the following posts. But first: what you REALLY want from life? Is there something you really long for? This is the first step, as there's no creation where there's no CLEAR wish.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Did you already try a search on Blogger people interested in synchronicity?
It seems there's a lot of interesting and nice people out there fond on this subject...

Synchronicity and Quantum Physics

I would like to invite you to the reading of a post I just found on reDeFyne blog, for two reasons: first, the blog's author has choosen a very meaningful passage which beautifully illustrates the principles underlying the 'laws' you'll read about in the posts of this blog and the books I will mention; second, the bogger mentions authors like Deepak Chopra and Wayne W. Dyer, which I consider among my best 'masters' and whose works I will mention, too, in the following posts.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and read reDeFyne post!

Monday, October 03, 2005

A CLEAR example of synchronicity

I was just doing some more search, today, and found a freshly started blog about... sharing synchronicity experiences in life!
Well, it THIS is not synchronicity... ;-)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

See also: serendipity

Just a reminder. Another term often used instead of synchronicity is serendipity.
Just click here to read some definitions, with the help of Google (including the one on the useful Wikipedia).
Actually, serendipity is different from synchronicity and more related to chance than to the result of a desire, as it is defined as finding something unexpected and useful while searching for something else entirely.
There's also a movie titled Serendipity, but I will talk about movies in the forthcoming posts.

Searching blogsphere for synchronicity

I started looking around (thanks to the new Google Blog Search) to spot some tracks of the synchronicity subject in other people's blogs.
There's a nice article by Brett Krkosska, with the title 'The Synchronicity of Success' where the author tells about an experience of this kind. Go and read it if you like.
The site is about the use of positive affirmations to gain success in life, and that's one of the subjects we will talk about in this blog, too.
Another interesting reading is Stacey's Enlighten Me blog, where the author publishes some posts as a 'Synchronicity journal'. Be sure to go through allo of her postings to discover some clear ouccurrences of synchronicity at work (hint: you can use the search facility on her blog's sidebar, with the word synchronicity; just scroll down the main page to find it).
I hope to report some other good sites in the next days.

The book that started it all

If there's something I can clearly recall about synchronicity in my life, that's the book where I first read about the 'laws' that ignite the spark able to change events according to our goals and desires. I've been reading about hypnotism, ESP and other subjects since a young boy, but it was only after purchasing and reading "The Secret of the Ages" by Robert Collier (a work written when I wasn't even born yet) that thing started to 'happen' in my life.
I bought the book mainly for curiosity, but I had an open mind about any kind of mistery, being grown up with SciFi books and studies about UFOs and other similar subjects. So, I just decided to test some of the principles illustrated in the book's pages, and the results I soon got where startling to say the least.
I will talk about these principles in the following posts, and also tell you about some of the 'experiments' I've done in those early years. Just one more thing: to see if it was just something related to me, I taught those principles to some friends, too, and they had the same results.
Still, in Collier's book synchronicity wasn't mentioned at all, but the principles and examples illustrated would be later recognized by me during my studies about this subjects, as you'll read on the following posts.
I've also bought and read many other books, that enlarged my vision of the laws underlying our earthly existence, following some sort of gradual 'widening' of my vision, which I'll be happy to share with you in this blog, of course.
Now, if you're curious about "The Secret of The Ages" you can get it from Amazon USA or Amazon UK, using the following links and thus helping me in my spiritual search (thus helping me building this blog better and better, and other people like you discover some amazing truths about the way 'laws' work in changing everyone's life and destiny).

Saturday, October 01, 2005


First, let's give some definitions of the word synchronicity. You can start from the explanation of this term found on the invaluable Wikipedia.
Or you can ask for help defining the term using Google: you'll of course stumble upon some links referring to the famous (and very nice) album by The Police, but you won't probably see another good Web page about synchronicity, the one on Crystalinks or the interesting article on the Delight of Synchronicity site, where is widely promoted one of the very good books I'm going to present in this blog, The Power of Flow, available on Amazon UK (also available on Amazon USA).
Aniway, the definition mostly used for synchronicity is the one I also prefer: a meaningful coincidence that has a low probability of being a random or chance event.

A small step for a blogger....

... a GIANT step for those who'll be reading this blog.
If you've hear about synchronicity (no, not The Police's album... Jung's theory, I mean) and you're curious about the mechanics underlying the so-called reality you're part of, this is your roadpost.
Stop and read, and come back often to discover facts, theories, experiences and techings you can use to mold your life and destiny. Welcome!


Before you notice the mistakes in my typing or grammar, just know that English's not my language, I'm just using it to make this blog as widely readable as possibile on Earth.